Success Stories

Medical and Life Science


Setra Hits Market with Innovative Monitoring System for Critical Indoor Environments

Medical device manufacturer Setra Systems, Inc. turned to ICS for help bringing an innovative room environmental control monitoring solution to life. They were revamping an existing product, one that was not quite intuitive enough or simple to navigate, with the aim of turning it into something exceptional. Learn More >>


Ivenix Develops Leading-Edge Adaptive Fluid Delivery System

One of the biggest challenges in the development of medical device technology is safety. The medical device industry is beset with complex manufacturing, market and regulatory challenges. Specifically, the infusion pump category has been slow to evolve despite an increase of drug dosing complexity and demand for interoperability between pump and other systems, including electronic medical records (EMR), with safety always as a top concern. Learn More >>

Mevion Logo

Mevion Uses Qt to Build Powerful Proton Radiation System

Mevion Medical Systems provides radiation therapy systems used to treat cancer. The company’s flagship product, the MEVION S250™ Proton Therapy System, makes proton therapy available to more patients by lowering the cost of the treatment dramatically. Previously available systems required a special facility the size of a football field and cost up to $100M to build and maintain. Learn More >>

Transportation and IVI


ICS Showcases Intel's Automotive Innovation with Compelling IVI Demo

Intel has introduced a new product family of In-Vehicle Solutions which offer optimized hardware and software foundations for automakers and suppliers. To show the power and functionality of these highly-integrated solutions, they collaborated with ICS to build an IVI system to showcase the core features, impressive graphics capabilities and ease of use. Learn More >>

Automotive IVI

Automaker Teams with ICS to Create Modern IVI for Mid-Class Vehicles

ICS teamed with a global automotive manufacturer to develop a modern touchscreen In-Vehicle Infotainment System for a line of mid-class vehicles. The appealing and and intuitive user interface and the scalable architecture ICS developed offers the automaker the flexibility to extend it from its main vehicles to its luxury brand models. Learn More >>

Global Agriculture IVI (node/616)

Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Modernizes In-Cabin IVI for Agricultural Machinery 

A global manufacturer of industrial agricultural equipment turned to ICS to modernize the in-cabin operator experience with a state-of-the-art touchscreen command center that controls every aspect of their heavy machinery. Our software, delivered on time at every milestone, was extremely stable and virtually bug-free. Learn More >>

Industrial IoT


Emerson Network Power Develops Cooling-Infrastructure Management System for Data Centers

ICS helped Emerson Network Power develop a system to manage the cooling infrastructure for its critical data centers. Our UX team designed an appealing and easy-to-use front-end interface, while our engineering team guided Emerson on the back-end of the project. Learn More >>

S2 Security

S2 Security Develops Revolutionary Video Security Management System 

S2 Security (S2), the leader in IP-based access control, video management and mobile security management systems, develops powerful, cost-effective solutions to protect people, property and assets. Recognized within the security industry as an innovator, S2 has developed products that push industry boundaries since 2002. Learn More >>

Eddy Current Ultrasound Inspection Equipment

ICS Helps Manufacturer Enhance Ultrasound Inspection Equipment for Oil and Gas Pipelines

A leader in non-destructive testing, inspection and process controls turned to ICS for assistance testing a powerful-but-malfunctioning embedded imaging system. By identifying critical glitches and implementing the right solutions, ICS enabled the customer to confidently release its new product. Learn More >>

Touchscreen Coffee Brewer

Restaurant Equipment Company Updates Popular Coffee Brewer with Modern User Interface

A global manufacturer of food and beverage-dispensing systems turned to ICS to update one of its most popular coffee brewers with a modern, easy-to-use touchscreen interface. Learn More >>

A Modern UI for Forklift Trucks

Industrial Firm Develops Easy-to-Use Touchscreen Interface for Forklift Trucks

Looking to develop next-gen software for its popular forklifts, this industrial firm turned to ICS create a robust interface that supported telematics and other capabilities. Learn More >>

Embedded Touchscreen Interface for Industrial Pallet-Wrapping Machine

ICS Modernizes Embedded Touchscreen Interface for Industrial Pallet-Wrapping Machine 

ICS helped a global manufacturer modernize its stretch-wrapping technology, creating a modern and intuitive touchscreen interface to replace an existing text-based LCD display using hardware keys. Learn More >>

Consumer Products

Coffe Dispenser

Beverage Company Modernizes Coffee Dispenser with Appealing Touchscreen Interface

Find out how ICS helped a global beverage equipment manufacturer use Qt to modernize the touchscreen interfaces on its state-of-the-art coffee dispensers, used in hotel lobbies, self-serve restaurants, company break rooms and vending machines worldwide. With an eye on architecture and Qt best practices, ICS helped our customer develop a robust and sustainable platform. Learn More >>

Touchscreen Sonar and Navigation Devices for Anglers

Marine Electronics Manufacturer Builds Advanced Touchscreen Sonar and Navigation Device 

ICS helped a major marine electronics manufacturer develop one of the industry’s most powerful sonar and navigation devices, providing Qt expertise and assisting the client’s in-house team to ensure the project stayed on track. Read more >>

Precor Logo

Precor Uses Qt to Develop Appealing Console for Popular Fitness Equipment

Helping people improve their health with more effective workouts has made Precor the fitness equipment leader. Its latest innovation, a Qt-enabled console, takes Precor the next step up. Learn More >>

North Face Logo

ICS Brings The North Face Experience to WinPhone 7

With over 20,000 downloads in the first month, and now featured as a Microsoft "staff pick," Snow Report and Trailhead on Windows Phone 7 help users explore their ideal outdoors adventure at ski resorts and on trails. Learn More >>

Aerospace and Defense


Boeing Builds New Interface as Part of Army Brigade Combat Team Modernization Effort

The historic modernization program links soldiers to a wide range of weapons, sensors, and information systems behind an interface that ICS is helping create. Learn More >>

Cherokee Nation Red Wing

Military Contractor Updates Transportation and Handling System for Today's Soldiers

Application Supporting Modern WarfightersCherokee Nation Red Wing worked with ICS to modernize a critical transportation and handling monitoring system that collects and records environmental data. This information is used to ensure that key machinery, which is often stored or transported for extended periods of time, is always ready for use when soldiers need it. Learn More >>

Networking and Communications

MobiKom Logo

MobiKOM Cuts Costs and Improves Customer Satisfaction with Innovative Mobile Technology

MobiKOM, a leading mobile solutions provider in Denmark, provides a major Danish telecommunications company, with an integrated, scalable mobile switchboard for its clients. This exclusive partnership offers small to mid-sized businesses access to the latest in communications technology. Learn More >>

Packet Design Logo

Packet Design Grows Network Visualization Business with New User Interface 

Any solution whose primary role is to let network managers visualize network routing and traffic must have an outstanding user interface. That’s why Packet Design asked ICS to write one. Learn More >>