ICS Releases QicsTable 2.3, the High Performance Table Package, for Qt® 4

Provides Qt Applications Requiring Sophisticated Tables Greater Flexibility, Scalability, and Customization

Bedford, MA – October 2, 2007 — Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) announced today the release of QicsTable™ 2.3, a full-featured Qt 4 based table widget that gives Qt developers more power and flexibility in creating specialized tables for their business-critical applications.

Some of the new features of QicsTable 2.3 include:

  • Improved grouping functionality
  • Extended drag and drop functions
  • Easy to use add-ons folder
  • New classes to customize clipboard operations
  • Many new attributes configurable via XML
  • Enhanced cell selection for Excel®-like operation

"ICS has found that many of our clients' applications require large-scale, highly specialized tables. QicsTable 2.3 allows them to easily create these tables and make their Qt applications more powerful and easier to use," said Mark Hatch, Chief Operating Officer of Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. "These most recent enhancements to QicsTable will enable Qt developers to create even more sophisticated applications."

"With QicsTable 2.3, ICS has extended the UI development functionality available to Qt 4 users," said David Bialer, Ecosystem Director of Trolltech. "ICS continues to display its on-going commitment to the ecosystem of Qt users."

A large worldwide industry (fortune global 100) approached basysKom GmbH to compare the use of QTable vs. QicsTable as the widget for an Excel® like table. The criteria were performance, maintenance by the manufacturer, the ability to have new features added to the product, and the ability to use the table view together with other Qt views on a model. The basysKom study found that the QicsTable feature set and its compatibility with the look & feel of Excel made it superior to QTable. Also because QicsTable comes with adapters to integrate it with different model structures, the client could easily use it with their optimized models with a database backend.

"QicsTable has many of the features required when an Excel-style table is needed. It is highly configurable with regard to its look & feel. ICS was also able to implement and integrate some new features the client required,"" said Eva Brucherseifer, President & CEO of basysKom GmbH. "It was easy to communicate with ICS throughout the project and we enjoyed the cooperation with ICS as the work was focused and customer-oriented."

QicsTable 2.1 is available on UNIX, Linux, Windows and MacOS. More information and evaluation copies are available here.

About Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.

Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), of Bedford, MA, is the largest independent supplier of add-on products, training, and professional services for the Qt multi-platform framework developed by Trolltech®. ICS is a Trolltech Preferred Qt Training and Consulting Partner in North America. ICS provides training services to individuals, small groups, and over half of the Fortune 500, including many whose technology defines their core business. In addition, ICS has been providing professional services to its customers since its inception in 1988. ICS' professional services include activities at the project management, design, analysis, and technical assessment level.