December 2012

It's been a very busy year. With change behind us and the promise of Qt ahead of us, the best is yet to

As another year comes to a close we'd like to thank you for your vital role in creating an active and vibrant
Qt community. We've all been a part of an exciting evolution this past year and we value the knowledge,
expertise and commitment of all members of the Qt ecosystem. We'd like to thank everyone who participated
and contributed to Qt Developer Days in both Berlin and Santa Clara—which were each wonderfully successful.

Many of the best and brightest came together at Qt Developer Days to connect personally and to share
knowledge and best practices with one another. From in-depth talks on what's new in Qt 5 and
demonstrations of Qt on Raspberry Pi to talks on what you can do with QML and creating apps with Qt for
BlackBerry 10. Many left with a sense of renewed energy and inspiration to build upon this great technology,
expanding its capabilities and using it to solve real problems for real people.

Qt has gained incredible momentum this year and is appearing in an impressive range of real-world applications,
across all industries. This week's release of Qt 5 is sure to bring even more innovative Qt projects to life in 2013.
We wish you much success and prosperity in the upcoming year within your own ventures.

Peter Winston

Qt Developer Days 2012

Qt Developer Days 2012—Santa Clara
Qt Developer Days 2012 was a fantastic way for the Qt community to cap off the year and get prepared for the release of Qt 5 (now available!). Many thanks to our co-hosts, KDAB and Digia for their contributions.

  • Slides from many of the technical talks are available on their individual pages found on the schedule.
  • Photos from the event are posted on the Qt Developer Days site. Please feel free to add your own to the collection.
  • Videos of the keynotes will be posted next week. Stay tuned.
  • Read a report of the event from BlackBerry, one of our silver sponsors, and learn how to port your Qt apps to BlackBerry 10.



Interactive Touch Demo ICS's Interactive Touch Display
Check out this demo of ICS's Interactive Touch Display. It was built using Qt 5 and Qt Quick 2 and is featured in the demo running on an Elo 5500L touchscreen monitor.

Using Qt's solid performance and rich functionality as the basis for the back-end, ICS wrote the entire user interface in Qt Quick 2, utilizing components developed in-house. As part of these components, the demo features video Middleware and a corresponding front-end. It also incorporates applications such as weather, stock tickers, social networking, advertisements and location services that are based on the Qt Google API.


Programming with Qt

. Feb 25-Mar 1, Bedford, MA
. Mar 25-29, Silicon Valley, CA

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