June 2012

Qt-based Google APIs

Qt-based Clients for Google APIs Now Available from ICS
ICS has published 18+ Qt and QML clients for popular Google APIs, making it easy to integrate the functionality your users want into your Qt/QML applications. Whether you need to add access to Google tasks, maps, shopping, calendars or more, we have clients built and ready to plug into your application.

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UX Webinar

ICS UX Webinar:
Developing for Success—Focusing on the User Experience

July 17 at 1:00 EDT (GMT-5) Register Today!

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the value of the User Experience (UX) in product development. Engineering managers and other stakeholders have realized the value of focusing on the experience of using the product, rather than just adding new functions every release, but may still struggle with how to deliver that experience. In this webinar, senior ICS UX engineer Jeff LeBlanc will discuss the skill sets and agile processes necessary to produce higher quality user experiences on your delivered products.


Finally, Professional Support for Open Source Qt! ICS helps LGPL developers maintain their software development momentum. Independent Qt Support includes:

. Binary versions

. Bug fixes

. Patch submissions

. Phone, email, chat support

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ICS portfolio Update from the Qt Contributor's Summit

Last week the Qt Contributor's Summit took place in Berlin. Listen to ICS' This Week in Qt Podcast for a recap of the sessions and an update on Qt 5.



Programming with Qt

. Jul 23-27, San Jose, CA
. Sept 24-28, Bedford, MA
. Oct 15-19, San Jose, CA

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C++11 and Qt
This webcast presents an overview of the latest version of the C++ programming language standard, C++11. It gives some code examples of selected language features, and describes how Qt currently makes use of C++11 features.

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