October 2012

Qt Developer Days 2012

Qt Developer Days 2012
with ICS, KDAB and Digia

California: Dec 5-7 Berlin: Nov 12-14
Qt Developer Days is happening this year in North America and Europe. Digia has joined forces with ICS to put on the North American event and with KDAB to put on the European event.

Qt Developer Days 2012 is the premier Qt event of the year where Qt enthusiasts join to learn about the latest developments on Qt. The three-day event includes a full day of training, technical tracks, customer case studies and plenty of time for networking with folks who love Qt just as much as you do. Attendees will get:

  • Full-day training from Qt experts
  • In-depth technical sessions focusing on Qt 5, Qt Quick, Qt for embedded and desktop development plus what.s new with Android and much more
  • Insights into Qt's development and future roadmap
Other highlights:
  • Gain insight on how others have implemented their Qt projects
  • Share experiences and ideas with other Qt developers and meet our Qt sponsors in the exhibition area
The full technical track agenda and keynote lineup will be announced soon!


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Raspberry Pi and Qt
The latest webcast introduces the Raspberry Pi, an ultra-low-cost ($25-$35) credit-card sized Linux computer. It also discusses how it can be used as a development platform for Qt.

View the webcast here.


ICS Portfolio

Catch Up on ICS' UX Blog
In her most recent post, Dorothy Shamonsky, UX R&D Lead at ICS, discusses the strategies for configuring an effective UX team—are "super designers" the way to go?



Programming with Qt

. Nov 5-9, Bedford, MA

View Full Schedule and
Course Descriptions

  Qt Tip

Qt Tip of the Month
If you want to make sure that any warnings produced by Qt are not ignored at run time you can define the environment variable QT_FATAL_WARNINGS. When this is set, your application will abort when a warning is encountered. This can be either an internal warning produced by Qt (such as an error in signal/slot connections) or a warning in your own application's code triggered by calling qWarning().


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